A Personal Word

Posted by Jerry White on Aug 2, 2015

IMG_0552Never had I considered doing a blog site. It is not my style. I am a pastor/teacher and a mentor to pastors and men. This has been the Lord’s appointed place and calling for me. However, seven years ago clear thoughts came that I should begin a blog site (I didn’t even know the terminology) to encourage believers in simple and pure devotion to Jesus Christ. I had no idea where to begin and what to do, thus began this new adventure in my senior years.

A couple of years ago I thought it was time to bring A Disciple’s Notebook to a close, but when I posted my intention emails came from many places here and abroad asking for the site please to continue. Numerous requests were also made for postings to be put into print. Volume one (104 postings) is available, and I am working on volume two.

A Disciple’s Notebook, can be purchased for $14.00 plus $3.95 shipping and handling by writing to adisciplesnotebook@gmail.com. Each additional book adds $1.00 for shipping and handling. An invoice is included with the necessary information for payment.

You may purchase A Disciple’s Notebook with an online payment (credit card or PayPal) or you may also download an ebook in the formats of Apple iPad, Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle for $5.00 at the following link.


If you have any questions, please write to me at adisciplesnotebook@gmail.com. No proceeds from sales are for personal profit but rather are used for reproducing literature to encourage believers in the basics of walking with the Lord Jesus in simple and pure devotion to Him.

In our incomparable Lord,

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A Disciple’s Notebook

Posted by Jerry White on Mar 2, 2015

The book of selected postings from this website continues to make its way into people’s hands. Response has been most affirming, and because of this we are considering how to make it available to a wider audience. A seasoned pastor said to me recently that he thought every pastor should have a copy.

Some have encouraged that there be a volume 2. Work on a second volume has begun.
We intend to list the book on this website soon. It can also be ordered from spiritofelijah.com .

Since some may have missed the previous posting about the book, the details are listed again.

A Disciple’s Notebook</strong> (213 page book) is available for $14.00 plus shipping and handling.

Shipping and handling charges are as follows:
1 book – $3.95
2 – 9 books – add $1.00 for each book
10 – 14 books – exact postage determined at the post office
15 – or more books is free shipping

Books may be ordered from adisciplesnotebook@gmail.com

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Book Is Ready

Posted by Jerry White on Nov 15, 2014


A book of selected readings from A Disciple’s Notebook is ready for purchase.

Because of strong encouragement from readers of this site, my wife and I have put together a book of 104 postings.

A Disciple’s Notebook (the book) sells for $14.00 each, plus shipping and handling cost. Mailing cost for Media mail (6 -10 days) is as follows:
1 book – $3.95
2-9 books – add $1.00 for each additional book.
10-14 books will be weighed at the post office and mailed the most cost effective way, and the cost will be added to the enclosed invoice.
15 or more books is with free shipping and handling.

If First Class or Priority mail (2-3 days) is desired, please specify this when you order.

You may order by email: adisciplesnotebook@gmail.com

Please include your:
Mailing address
Phone number
Email address
How many books

Books will be mailed as promptly as possible.

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A Disciple’s Notebook To Be Published

Posted by Jerry White on May 4, 2014

When I considered some months ago transitioning this blog site to the point of shutting it down there came an overwhelming response by various means of communication. Some asked that I please continue with the site, and others asked if there was some way the postings could be preserved. Many wrote very kind and encouraging words. My wife and I prayerfully considered each letter written and every suggestion made. In time I became impressed that I must continue with one posting per week instead of two, as I had done since it’s beginning, and that I should pursue printing a book of posted articles.

I am in the process of putting a book together (with my wife’s assistance). It will include 120 articles in a handy carrying size with easy to read print. We want it to be of excellent quality at a reasonable price.

All funds that come go into a ministry fund in order to cover the costs of publishing, reprinting, and necessary expenses to maintain adisciplesnotebook.com. My purpose is to encourage God’s people in how to become all He has redeemed them to be.

We hope to have this book ready by late summer or early fall. We will notify you with a posting when it is ready and explain how you may order a copy. Different ones who know about the book have already indicated they want a copy. Interestingly, as I have worked on it, I am looking forward to having my own copy.

If the Lord’s favor is upon this, we will pursue a second volume with the same format. With over 500 postings available to choose from, there could even be more volumes.

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Posted by Jerry White on Jan 29, 2014

A Disciple’s Notebook will continue with postings once a week.

My intention is to post by Monday mornings.

Occasionally I may slip in an extra one on Thursday.

More than 550 postings are archived under the categories listed.

I am thankful for the many who expressed what A Disciple’s Notebook means to them.

My every intention was to transition this blog site to a conclusion, but because of many who wrote with heart-felt honesty and suggestions, I knew I needed to reconsider and pray about what the Lord was saying through His people.

I sense the Lord has directed to what He wants, and I look forward to continuing.

I trust our incomparable Lord to continue using this simple means of sharing about Him to enrich, guide, instruct , and encourage each of us in simple and pure devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ.



I worship You, Almighty God

There is none like You

I worship You, O Prince of Peace

That is what I want to do

I give You praise

For You are my righteousness

I worship You, Almighty God

There is none like You

There is none like You

There is none like You

Don Moen

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Posted by Jerry White on Jan 25, 2014

I am thankful for those of you who contacted me by various means to express what A Disciple’s Notebook has meant to you.  Different ones have requested that A Disciple’s Notebook continue and that the postings be preserved in some form, perhaps even published.

When I began this site, the Christian brother who built the site asked me if I wanted to track how many hits it received and where the hits originated. Immediately I thought about king David taking a census (2 Samuel 24). That was a bad mistake in judgment. My clear impression was that knowing this information could be a source of pride or discouragement. I chose not to receive this information. I desired to post only because I sensed it to be the Lord’s will. If the Lord wanted to encourage me, then He would prompt someone to write me. Through the years He did as if to say, “I am using it as I will. Keep on.”

The accumulation of correspondence since my posting Transition and Conclusion has caused me to reconsider what I should do. My wife and I, along with some others, are praying about what the Lord would have me do.  He will make the path clear.

I realize now that I needed a break after posting twice a week these several years.

I appreciate your encouragement to reconsider keeping the site up,  and also making the articles available in some form for future use. I have heard your hearts and pray to understand if this is the Lord speaking and guiding me through what you have said.

If you pray about A Disciple’s Notebook, thank you. Hopefully, we will soon know the direction we should go.


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Transition And Conclusion

Posted by Jerry White on Jan 6, 2014

I began A Disciple’s Notebook in 2008. Since then I have posted two articles per week, with few exceptions, and now over five hundred articles on various subjects can be found under the headings listed on the right side of this page. I wrote some of the postings, but most came from authors of different centuries who wrote effectively on truths applied for Christian living. These postings came from what I copied in my personal notebook or marked in books as I read through past decades for my own benefit.

The time has come for me to simplify my life so I can focus on fewer opportunities both  personally and in ministry. This blog site therefore enters a transition period. No longer will there be twice a week postings. With numerous postings available, a reader can locate an article under a desired heading for his or her encouragement. After a period of time passes A Disciple’s Notebook will be removed from the internet.

I began this blog site only because the Lord seemed to impress me to do so. Never had I desired or dreamed of doing such a thing. I did not know how to begin nor what to do. I repeatedly called on the Lord, and step by step He provided who I needed and what I needed at the right time. Email responses from various places in the world have encouraged me that some believers found the postings helpful. I am grateful and fully recognize the Lord uses what He wills the way He pleases for His own glory. All is for Him.

Simple and pure devotion to Jesus Christ needs to be pursued diligently by believers in this age of many distractions. The Lord Jesus must be preeminent in one’s life if He is to be known intimately and glorified. No greater blessing exists than to know Him, love Him, please Him, become like Him, and proclaim Him. May the Lord Jesus Christ be blessed by your life.

In the incomparable Lord


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A Personal Posting

Posted by Jerry White on Jul 8, 2010

More than two years ago I began posting twice a week on A Disciple’s Notebook. Doing a blog had never been my desire or dream. One day while mowing my yard and considering some deep concerns I have about what I call “cultural Christianity,” the thought came strongly—and with surprise—“Do a website to encourage believers.” It is not an exaggeration to say that I was not even in kindergarten in my understanding about this sort of thing. I had no idea how to begin or what to do. The Lord would have to undertake to guide and equip me if this was His will. Was it He who impressed my heart that late summer day? I prayed, pondered, and waited until I was as sure as I could be that I was indeed to begin this venture into a totally new arena. Certain elements must come together if I was to proceed, and obviously they did by the Lord’s kindness and provision. One special gift was a talented brother in Christ who agreed to build the site for me. I decided what should go on the site and he put it together. Of course, this was after getting permission from the artists for the painting and music used. June 17, 2008 was my first posting.

Response by emails has been encouraging. I chose not to record how many hits come or where the hits originate. Any money from books or devotional videos goes into a ministry fund to help with ongoing ministry projects.

My desire is to honor the incomparable Lord Jesus by freely sharing His wonderful truth of love and grace as simply, purely, lovingly, and accurately as possible.

I will continue posting as long as I am able and pray readers will be deeply stirred and encouraged in sincere (simple) and pure devotion to Christ. In this day of many distractions we must learn to have a single eye for Jesus. In these times of hell’s assault, each one of us needs encouragement to stay faithful and true to Him who loves us with all that He is and who gave Himself for us. If these postings encourage you to love Jesus Christ more profoundly, enjoy Him more intimately, and follow Him more faithfully, then He will be glorified and I will be satisfied. It is a work of faith and a labor of love.

His bondservant, in the peace and joy of Christ’s love,

Jerry R. White, Jr.

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