The Blood of Christ

Posted by Jerry White on Mar 16, 2015

God has no other way of dealing with sin, or the sinner, save through the blood.

For victory over sin and the deliverance of the sinner God has no other means or thought than ‘THE BLOOD OF CHRIST.’ Yes, it is indeed something that surpasses all understanding.
All the wonders of grace are focussed here—-the Incarnation, by which He took upon Himself our flesh and blood; the love, that spared not itself but surrendered itself to death; the righteousness, which could not forgive sin till the penalty was borne; the substitution, by which He the Righteous One, atoned for us the unrighteous; the atonement for sin, and the justification of the sinner, thus made possible; renewed fellowship with God; together with the cleansing, and sanctification, to fit us for the enjoyment of that fellowship; the true oneness in life with the Lord Jesus, as He gives us His blood to drink; the eternal joy of the hymn of praise, ‘Thou has redeemed us to God’; all these are by rays of the wondrous light which are reflected upon us from ‘THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS.’

The blood must have the same place in our hearts which it has with God.

From the beginning of God’s dealings with man, yes, from before the foundation of the world, the heart of God has rejoiced in that blood. Our heart will never rest, nor find salvation, till we too learn to walk and glory in the power of that blood.

It is not only the penitent sinner, longing for pardon, who must thus value it. No!—-the redeemed will experience that just as God in His temple sits upon a throne of grace, where the blood is ever in evidence, so there is nothing that draws our hearts nearer to God, filling them with God’s love, and joy, and glory, as living in constant, spiritual view of that blood.

Let us take time and trouble to learn the full blessing and power of that blood.

Andrew Murray
The Power of the Blood of Jesus, 12-13 (1963 edition)

Knowing that you were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your forefathers, not with perishable things such as silver or gold, but with the precious blood of Christ, like that of a lamb without blemish or spot.
1 Peter 1:18-19 (ESV)

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