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Fellowship With God

This brief and simple book (80 pages) has been used to help many discover the reality of true fellowship with God beyond just having daily devotions. The late Adrian Rogers called it, “a treasure in the realm of devotional literature. It is simple and yet profound. It is gentle and yet speaks forcefully.”

William F. Cook, III, Ph. D., Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary wrote, “This small volume deserves to be read by every believer who desires an intimate and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.”

It is available for $8.00 each, plus exact postage for mailing. An invoice will be included with your order containing information for remittance by check.

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IMG_0552 A Disciple’s Notebook

This is a compilation of 104 articles from this blog site. Many visitors to the site requested the postings be made available in print. This first volume has been well received, and some readers have indicated they have been through it three or four times with much benefit and encouragement.

It is available for $14.00 plus 3.95 handling and shipping. For each additional book add $1.00. An invoice will be included with your order containing information for remittance by check

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The Spirit and Presence of Christ

How can a believer stay spiritual fresh with so many distractions in this world? How can a Christian know the fullness and presence of Christ as a living reality in his or her life? Does church life have to be dull routine and empty form? What is needed so that the beauty of the Lord Jesus is seen day by day through your personality? Biblical answers are explained in 236 pages (380 pages in Japanese version) that includes a Study Guide.

Chris Momose, missionary in Japan, wrote, “This book is desperately needed today!”

Norm Wakefield, international Bible teacher, wrote, “There are some books that once read are put on the shelf and forgotten. “The Spirit and Presence of Christ” is not one of them.

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