About the Author

IMG_1743 Jerald (Jerry) R. White, Jr. has been a pastor, conference / retreat speaker, and author, and has mentored many men in ministry. His 50 plus year ministry has taken him across the United States and into foreign countries.

He resides in Denham Springs, Louisiana (near Baton Rouge) with his wife of over 50 years. They have a married daughter, a married son and seven grandchildren.

The Purpose of This Site:

Truth transforms us when it is in our heart. Head knowledge does not change us. Truth must become heart revelation for transformation to take place. How does truth become revelation in our heart — our inner being? As with any work of God with us, there is our part and there is God’s part. Our part is to meditate upon, and pray over, the truth of God’s Word. The Holy Spirit’s part is to take it from our mind and reveal it to our heart. We must ask for the Holy Spirit to make it real to our inner being (Ephesians 1:15-17). Our meditation plus His revelation results in transformation of inner and outer life into Christ-likeness.

A Disciple’s Notebook offers simple, brief and poignant quotes, coupled with corresponding Scripture to assist you with wonderful truth to meditate upon and pray over. Every few days I will share with you from my collection gathered across decades, which I trust will encourage you towards sincere and pure devotion to our incomparable Lord Jesus Christ.

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