Pain and God’s Love

Posted by Jerry White on Jun 20, 2016

Grief. Loneliness. Suffering. Rejection. Betrayal. Disability. False accusation. Pain comes to us through many avenues, but for God’s children it only comes with the Father’s permission. Whatever comes has God’s fingerprints on it because He is molding His chosen vessel for His eternal glory. The clay on the potter’s wheel must be kneaded, pressed, shaped and refined for His use. It is painful—sometimes deeply painful—but the sufferings now are not worthy to be compared with the glory that will be revealed to us in the final day (Romans 8:18). Self wants to focus on the pain. One’s heart must focus on the Potter who is molding the clay with tenderest love. In the midst of pain God’s promises are our anchor, His love our comfort, and His faithfulness our hope. These are steadfast, true, and sure.
B. J. Hoff wrote:
Pain, you are a terrible deceiver…
    parading yourself as an angry foe,
    pretending to be unyielding.
You shadow me, hound me, taunt me,
    as if by your mere presence
    you could conquer my spirit.
But I have learned to measure
    your ultimate strength,
    not by how much hurt you can inflict,
    but by how much of God’s grace
    you call forth.
    not by how deeply you can wound,
    but by how frail you really are
    when put in perspective by His power…
And I have learned at last,
    to believe that, even at your worst,
    you can never outlast a promise of God…
    you can never outlive his love.

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